Holy Kittenpalooza Batman!

Welcome to Kittenpalooza! LOL. I built this site to help find homes for the 8 kittens that were born on my patio a few months ago. 3 of them born Feb 22 and 5 born March 3. They are adorable, full of unconditional love and need to find their forever homes. If anyone is interested in becoming a furrbaby parent, please see the Adoption page or give me a call/text/email/comment. If you cannot adopt but would like to contribute to the care fund, click the link below.

Lizzy’s Save the Kitties Fund

Click the names below or use the Kitties menu to see more about each kitty.

I was trying to trap the mama kitties to get them spayed before more kittens showed up. Obviously I was too late. Luckily I was able to get all of the kittens and both mama kitties. 3 kittens were born on a Friday. The next Sunday 5 more kittens were born. Everyone is healthy and growing like crazy. I’ve been trying to get them used to being handled and bathed, nails clipped, music, vacuum cleaner noises and other kitties. If you are ready for your new best friend(s), please contact me asap. They will need to go to the vet as soon as you can get them there. Unless I get enough in the kitty fund to get them there before they get adopted.

There are also 2 boy kitties that have been around for a while. One is only about a year old-ish. I managed to catch him and get him neutered. He is Bennie and is a beautiful Russian Blue. Very healthy. Since he’s been neutered and vaccinated, he is very friendly and just wants to be a lap cat. He would be a very loving addition to anyone’s family.

There is still one guy that I have not been able to get in to be neutered. He is a little bit older and very wise. LOL. Figured out the trap and no way is he getting inside. Still working on Fluffy.

Check out the site and each kitty from the menu and please forward to your friends. I need to find forever homes for these guys asap. Once these guys have homes, I will continue this endeavor to reduce the feral cat population and save as many lives as possible. Everyone needs unconditional love!!!