Fluffy (I was here first)

Fluffy was the first kitten to show up here. He arrived right after Dad passed away (probably late in 2014) and Mom thought he was cute and started feeding him. He was just one lone kitten. Unusual, but none of his family ever came around. Just one little fluffy kitten. He’s a good boy, but too smart to get in the trap! So far anyway.

Mr. Fluffy has taken care of all of the kitties that have joined his little family. Now he is pretty lonely outside with only Bennie to hang with. And now he has injured himself somehow and has a wound on his neck. He will definitely need some medical attention as soon as we get some donations in the GoFundMe account. I’m not sure if he will every be adoptable, but still deserves a nice life. If you would like to help Mr. Fluffy, please consider donating for his medical care.

More photos and info coming soon.