Newsflash! Stanley is Stella!

So, while bathing kittens the other day, I happened to recheck everyone and whatayaknow! Stanley, aka Daredevil, is actually a girl. So she is now Stella aka Wonder Woman! She rocks!!!

Tuesday – Breakfast Anyone?

Seems that a few of the gang were more interested in WWF this morning than breakfast. Check out the daily videos below. Wouldn’t you guys like to wake up to a few of these little adorable kiddos every morning? Check back tomorrow for more kitty fun. Today’s Videos Today’s Photos

Sleeping kittens

Sleeping kittens are so cute and peaceful. Everyone is wiped out this afternoon.

Hey Batman!

I’ve decided to put my rescue kitties in a blog. I know some of you are wanting updates daily and I do take lots of photos. This blog will be your go to place to catch up on the mamas and babies. They are growing so quickly that I am going to need help to…