Batman. What can I say. He is a nutball. When he was a tiny baby he looked like a bat. Batman it is. He is very playful. Instigator along with his buddy Stella aka Wonder Woman. But he does love all of his family and plays well with everyone. Initiates play! LOL. Plays hard, sleeps hard. Very healthy guy. Batman now has flecks of white growing into his coat. Very distinguished. He would love to be your forever friend and even love it more if he had one of his playmates along for the ride.

Black and velvety and fast and crazy. Batman has the look…well…of Batman. Beautiful inquisitive face. Gold eyes. Loves to play hard with everyone, especially Stella aka Wonder Woman (previously known as Stanley (Daredevil). Also somewhat of an engineer following in Stella’s footsteps as the instigator of controlled chaos. Sweet boy. Will snuggle and hang out on the couch. Best buddy Stella. Superheroes unite.