Adoption Process

In order to adopt a kitty from Life on a Bridge (LOAB), you must agree to a home visit. All kitties are indoor cats and should not be outside unsupervised. These terms are non-negotiable.

Adoption fee is $75.00

All cats are very different. Some will be comfortable and feel at home in a new environment very quickly. Others may take some time, weeks or even months. You must be willing to be patient with the new kitty(ies) and let them get comfortable at their own pace.

  1. Submit the adoption application below.
  2. Application will be reviewed.
  3. If your application is approved, we will set up a date to bring the kitty (ies) to your home so you can meet them and keep them over night or for a few days.
  4. Prior to final adoption, you must sign a Foster to Adopt contract and pay the $75.00 adoption fee. This contract shows that you are responsible for the care and wellbeing of the cat during the time it takes to get them to your vet for a visit and in the system. You can decide to cancel the contract at any time and return the cat prior to final adoption.
  5. Before the adoption can be finalized, you must take the cat(s) to your vet for an initial visit to get them into the system and supply a copy of the receipt. All cats have been spayed/neutered and received their rabies/FVRCP vaccines.
  6. If for any reason in the future you decide you cannot keep the cat, it must be returned to Life on a Bridge (Stephanie Smith) and cannot be given away to friends, family, or any other shelter or rescue organization unless approved by LOAB.

Adoption Application

Lizzy’s Save the Kitties Fund: If you are not able to adopt at this time but would like to contribute to the care and welfare of ALL the kitties, you can donate to the Kitty Fund below. They require lots of food/supplies/necessities. Please contribute if you feel you can. We will keep everyone posted on the progress of the adoptions and update photos and videos on a regular basis. Click here to donate to the Lizzy’s Save the Kitties Fund.

Possum and Scooby