Boo and Scooby had babies one week apart. Luckily they are all inside and looking for their forever homes.

Boo (Torti) and Scooby (Siamese).

Why save kitties? Who cares? I do….

In today’s world there are way too many stray, abandoned and feral animals that did not choose their situation but just want to have a nice life and someone to love them.

There are many feral cats in our neighborhood and I’ve decided to tend to the ones that are hanging out in the immediate area. Several of them have disappeared over time but the few that are left will be cared for one way or another. They deserve it. They are good kitties.

Hopefully this site will help find them forever homes. I have my own kitties that have been with me for many years and unfortunately can’t keep anymore in the house….unless I get a bigger house!!! LOL.

Please take a look at all of the kitties and see if there is any way you can help. Maybe you will find your furrever friend.

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