THE BAD…and dinner rush!

The GOOD news was that Sinise found his forever home. The BAD news is that kitty fundraising has not yielded enough to take care of low cost vet fees for spay/neuter and vaccinations. So, I have booked appointments for everyone using my free TNR vouchers. Hoping to convince the clinic to NOT do the ear tipping.

EAR TIP – Bennie had his ear tipped….

They chop off 1 cm (or more) of the kitty’s ear. Beautiful kitty ears tarnished for life.

Of course, the clinic is full until August, so if anyone wants to sponsor a kitty, now is the time. Click here. Or, if anyone wants to donate to help feed and house these beautiful creatures before the caretaker ends up…”in a van, down by the river“, now is the time. Click here. Or, if anyone wants to ADOPT a pair of totally awesome, unconditional love giving kittens, now is the time. Click here.

Meanwhile, the video below is my “cat food commercial” for the day. LOL. Of course, once the mess in the hall was cleaned up, there’s not such a crazy rush for dinner, so you get the messy version.

Dinner time….don’t mind the mess! LOL.

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