Please Help Fluffy!

Fluffy was a beautiful boy until he got injured a few months ago. Now he has a gaping wound on his neck. He was the safe keeper of the little kitty family (Possum, Scooby, Bennie) out back. Keeping strangers out and protecting your family is a hard job, but Fluffy got it done. Now he is the only one left outside. Please help get Fluffy fixed up and out of the heat. He can be a beautiful healthy boy again.

Please help sponsor the care and vetting for these beautiful kitties so they can be adopted into new forever homes. Time is ticking, shelters are full, funds are gone. Time is running out for Mr. Fluffy. He needs medical attention asap. As does everyone, but he is injured and needs treatment now. I have no idea how much his treatment will cost until I can get him in to the vet, but I’m sure it will be upwards of $500 at least. To donate for Fluffy’s care and the care of all of these babies, go to Lizzy’s Save the Kitties Fund.

Find your new source of unconditional love. Everyone needs their forever humans. Let one of these guys save your life. I know mine have saved my life many times. Please consider adopting these beautiful kitties. Everyone needs a little (or a sometimes a lot) of kitty hugs and purrs! Fill out the adoption application.

Cheers and Happy Friday!


Saving the world, one kitty at a time…

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