Mama Scooby needs relief

MaBoo and Scooby

Scooby (Siamese mama) still needs her spay surgery asap. I’ve been debating whether to take her on a TNR voucher (which I did with Bo) but they just cut too much of the ear off and she is such a beautiful girl. I was very disappointed at how much they took off of Boo’s ear when I took her. And Mr. Bennie as well. However, if I can’t raise the funds to take Scooby to a regular or low cost vet, I will have to use the voucher (which I am very grateful to have, not knocking the vouchers.) She definitely needs the surgery asap so she can be more comfortable and not go into heat. To help sponsor Scooby’s surgery, go to Lizzy’s Save the Kitties Fund. You can also sponsor a kitten or care supplies (see the wish list) OR even send a case of wine for the caretaker so she can not TOTALLY lose her mind!!! LOL. Just kidding. Not really. Oooorrrr was I? Delirium setting in….

I am sure that both mommies will be able to find forever humans at some point. After some of the kittens are adopted I can find more time to spend with mamas and get them socialized enough for adoption. Unless there is someone out there that has time to spend with them NOW and needs a small challenge! LOL.

I do love each and every kitty equally, but sometimes I just need a break. And a nap. LOL. Mr. Bennie is the best napping buddy. He slept on my chest on the couch last night (actually about 2am before I stopped to sit down) for quite some time. Snuggled right up in my neck. Such a lover. Who says feral cats can’t be tamed? Ha! Didn’t even have to try with him. No two cats are the same.

Cheers and Happy Friday!


Saving the world, one kitty at a time…

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