Mr. Bennie – the sweetest one…

The eyes have it.

Mr. Bennie is probably the sweetest cat I have ever encountered. He just wants to love and be loved. I think he would sit in my lap and snuggle all day if I had the time. I hope I can find the perfect home for him. He needs to be the center of attention so he can snuggle and love is human as much as possible. He has a very large voice too. It goes along with his very large purrrrrrr! If I could clone myself, I would just snuggle with Bennie all day and get rid of aaaalllllll the stress. He is living proof that even stray cats just want to be loved. Bennie has the most beautiful eyes and velvety soft fur. I think we might need a photo shoot for Mr. B! LOL.

If you would like to give Bennie a loving forever home, please fill out the adoption application.

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