Life on a Bridge…

Bridges take all of us from one point in our lives to the next unpredictable moment. It is only when we discover the real joys of our own life, the things that make us truly happy, that we can actually take that frightening but necessary leap from that bridge and live fully. And once we get there, every bridge is a beautiful work of art overlooking the most wondrous views of life wherever we may be on this glorious planet.

Though sometimes it may not seem so, actually, anything is possible. We all have choices. And, we all live life together on this beautiful planet…somewhere…on a bridge.


This site is also a bridge of sorts. Full of kitties. I continue to strive to find loving forever homes for the kids that were rescued last year. (See the back story here.) Several have found their bridges to cross and are now with their new families and full of love. Some are still here on same bridge they started on, waiting for that right time to cross. They are all very loved here and have all become their own beautiful selves. Each with a distinct personality and voice.


Silly, sweet, beautiful, silky Sarah. Sarah is the only kitty from the sibling last year that has long hair. She is not really fluffy though, just smooth and silky. Except for her amazing tail of fluff. She is such a beautiful girl. I have never seen a cat enjoy toys more than Sarah. She loves loves loves her toys. She is purrrrfectly content playing with just about anything she can find. She loves to be combed as well. Sarah will be such a sweet and loving addition to your family. She loves playing with her siblings and housemates, but she would also do very well as a single cat capturing all of your attention and love.

If you are interested in some silky smooth forever love, please consider adopting Miss Sarah into your life to love and care for until eternity. Fill out the adoption application today.

Batman and Stella

Batman and Stella are brother and sister and have been best buddies since they were babies. They are a forever team. These guys will make your days incredibly happy and interesting. Batman is of course the leader of the team. He is Batman after all. Batty for short. Or Batinski because he always wants to be the center of attention. He is very much a lap cat and will keep you warm and cozy whenever you will let him. He is 12 lbs (wears it very well) of total love and inquisitiveness. Stella aka Wonder Woman is as playful as Batty with a little bit of honey wrapped in there. She is sweet and has such a beautiful little face and a beautiful little voice. And a little white spot on her belly. They were both born on February 22, 2019.

If you are interested in bringing this dynamic duo into your life to love and care for until eternity, please fill out the adoption application today.